2 ; 1 ; in Month : August (2021) Article No : ssmrj-v2-1003
Ficarra G, Trimarchi F, Restuccia R, Mannucci C, D

The teaching of sport activities during childhood is fundamental to improve their fitness levels, but also to promote inclusion, sense of responsibility and self-discipline. In many countries physical activity based educational programs include rowing among the disciplines that schools promote and support. In Italy rowing is not included in the common school activities thus we carried out a pilot project in a secondary school in Sicily to evaluate the efficacy of teaching and learning of the basic concepts of rowing technique in school pre-adolescents exposed to rowing for the first time. The 20 seconds maximum speed test was performed with no significant difference between male and female students suggesting that rowing could be easily performed by all school kids to improve not only their physical skills but also their wellbeing.

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